Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Money Maker Coupon Deals and How They Work

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Money-makers are a rare gem in the couponing world. When you see these coupons paired with a great deal, the products usually fly off the shelves. It’s very exciting and very easy to add to your shopping trip in order to bring down your overall total expense.
I recently put together a great money-maker deal at my local grocery store just last week. It wasn’t even paired with a sale. It was done by using ONLY coupons. Here’s how I did it:

I purchased two Covergirl eye shadows for $2.99 each. That would make them a total of $6. I used 1 manufacturer coupon ($4 off 2 Covergirl eye products)  and 2 store coupons ($2 off 1 Covergirl product) to give me overage.
It looks like this:


The eye shadows were completely free PLUS took $2 off my overall total on my grocery bill. It's simple math, I know, but some people like to SEE it. I totally get that.
How to use money-maker deals

I always get a lot of questions about how to save money on fresh produce or healthier items that typically don’t offer many coupons or are just expensive items in general. Money-maker coupons are perfect to help this area of your budget.  Since they bring down your overall total expense, you can look at those goods as if you are getting them for a lot less, sometimes free! Who really cares if you NEED the eye shadow! In this case, give it to a friend and take full advantage of some well earned couponing cash being handed right back to you.

Where to find money-maker coupons

Sunday Paper Coupon Inserts
You can find money-maker coupons anywhere you would find coupons you would use on your typical grocery trip.

Sunday paper
Online printable coupon sites
Tearpads around a store
Store coupons in flyers
Coupons sent in your mailbox

The trick here is to be resourceful when you pair your coupons together. If you have both a high value store and high value manufacturer coupon, chances are you have the making of a money-maker deal. Or at least a darn good one.

One other tip worth mentioning is not to underestimate the source of those manufacturer coupons. Go right to the source, that is. If you have a favorite brand of a certain product, write the company. Request coupons to be mailed/emailed to you. Technology makes it so simple for us to fill out a comment form or email a company. In fact, many WELCOME the feedback, good or bad, about their products. Here’s a personal example.

As a new mom I couldn’t believe how quickly we went through diapers. You always hear about how you go through at lot of diapers, but not until you actually are BUYING those diapers do you understand what everyone is talking about. Especially since they are quite expensive. Diapers are one of those products like paper towels and toilet paper that I feel like I’d rather take the money and spend it on something way more fun. But we do know that they are unavoidable costs. Mostly. Lets not get into the cloth diaper discussion because I’m trying to not get too off course.  Back to my point. I wrote the diaper company that we became loyal to explaining what we liked and what they could improve and they mailed us four (4) $10 off coupons to use on future purchases of diapers. It took me no time to write them and WOW! I could’ve hugged the mailman when those coupons arrived. I was so thrilled! It’s like they sent me $40 bucks cash! I’ve done this with other companies besides diaper companies and they-to have been equally as generous. Not all, but most. You should try it. It’s fun.

Well there you have it! Now you know more about those money-maker deals that seasoned couponers like to talk about and how to do it yourself. Check online for weekly sale match ups and be on the lookout for those money-makers!

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