Thursday, September 12, 2013

9/12 Publix Shopping Trip $102 Worth in Groceries for $12! Weekly Link Up Brag!

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September is now in full swing (where did the summer go?), and I can't help but think about upcoming holidays and trying to plan ahead for them. Our family likes to make cinnamon rolls in the morning on birthdays, making this week even more appealing with all the great Pillsbury deals. Pasta is perfect to stock up on for casseroles and dishes to bring to parties. Their are a lot of fantastic deals this week to take advantage of, as well as many high value coupons to print and save for upcoming sales. See my "Print them! Tuesdays" blog post on some of those hot coupons currently available!

All for $12 bucks!

I am also excited to plan my first food donation this year, as my stock pile is growing and I have plenty to share. I will be looking into local charities in need to give a lot of my weekly shopping trip goods to for the months of November and December. I want to teach my son about the importance of giving this season. And what better way then having him participate in buying the goods at the store with me, then giving them to others in need. I am SO excited to be able to do this. Will you join me in your own communities? Please comment below if you will be putting a few extra things you pick up aside each week in a "donation" stockpile! Thanksgiving & Christmas (or whichever holiday you celebrate!) will be here before you know it!

Below you will also see others who have linked up to share their weekly brags! This is a great place to visit each week to see how we all did. I encourage you to check back and see how others did as link ups are ongoing and can help us all as we plan our lists. I always get inspired by others and I hope you do to! I don't want you to miss a week - remember to "Follow me" (to the right of the page) and you can stay up-to-date on the happenings around this site! If you like my blog, please think of me and share with your friends through email, text, and Facebook! That's right - this blog has a new Facebook page!  Give me an ol' thumbs up (a virtual good job "pat on the back") to make my day! You can find the page link to the right. Thanks for your support!

Ok, now lets get down to it!
Here's this week's breakdown from the 9/12 shopping trip:

(2) Honey Nut Cheerios $3.59- BOGO used (2) $1/1 manufacturer printable and (1) $1/2 target printable = .30 each!

(4) Pillsbury Cinnamon rolls and (2) Pillsbury Crescent rolls $1.00 sale price - used (2) $2/3 Publix Coupon "Make Your Home Italian" and (3) $1/2 manufacturer printable = FREE, plus money maker!

(4) Ronzoni pasta $1.33- BOGO used (2) $1/2 manufacturer printable = .17 each

(6) Buitoni Pasta $2.29 - BOGO used (6) $1/1 Publix coupon from"Make Your Home Italian" =.15 each

(2) Quaker Oatmeal Squares cereal $4.89 - BOGO used (2) .75/1 Target coupon and (1) .75/1 (that was all I had) manufacturer coupon =$1.32 each (both coupons are from flyers handed out in Target back in August)

(2) Hefty Onezip bags $1.50 sale price - used (1) $1.25/2 manufacturer coupon 7-28 RP =.88 each

(1) McCormick cinnamon $1.79 - used (1) $2/1 manufacturer printable - FREE, plus money maker!

(2) Earth's Best organic snacks $3.29 - used (1) Publix BOGO Earth's Best coupon in green flyer = $1.65 each

(1) Florida Natural Orange Juice $3.00 sale price - used ibotta offer .50/1 = $2.50 with ibotta offer! (if you're unsure how the ibotta app works, see my blog post, "What is ibotta?"

(2) Publix Sweet Tea half gallon $1.59 - BOGO used (1) $1/1 Deli item Publix coupon (from Publix Baby Club) = .30 each

(1) Cascadian Farms organic frozen spinach $2.69 - used .75/1 manufacturer printable

(1) Cascadian Farms organic frozen broccoli $2.49 - used .75/1 manufacturer printable and $2/2 Publix coupon from green flyer = .84 for each Cascadian Farms organic frozen vegetable!

(2) Sorrento Fresh Mozzarella 16. oz $3.50 sale price - used (2) $1/1 manufacturer coupon (from blinkie) and $1/1 publix coupon from "Make Your Home Italian" = $1.50 each!

(1) Brita Filter $13.99 sale price = used (1) $5/1 manufacturer printable and (1) $5/1 Publix coupon from purple flyer = $3.99

Also used (2) Winn Dixie $5/$30 coupons (they usually make me do two separate transactions, but this time the cashier allowed it to go through as one)

Order Total: $10.60

Sales Tax: $1.31

Grand Total: $11.91

Savings: $91.03

$102.94 Worth in Groceries for $11.91!     88% Savings

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  1. Such an awesome job. I hope to learn a lot from you.

  2. Thanks, Valerie! Glad you found my site!

  3. May I ask how do you receive the winn-dixie coupons? I rarely shop there but have been wanting to with their BOGO deals. Really glad I found your website, helps us florida couponers a ton!

  4. Hi Amber, the Winn-Dixie coupons can be found in the Enjoy the City booklets (if you google search, "Enjoy the City" it should come up.) These booklets are area coupon booklets and usually contain the Winn Dixie coupons. The books almost always go on sale, so I'd wait to get them when they are doing a promotion. However, the second time I purchased just the coupons on Ebay, instead of having to buy the whole booklet. Ebay has recently changed coupon policies so I'm not sure if they are still available, but it's worth look into! Hope that helpful!

  5. I love that you are planning to donate. I routinely donate personal care items to our local Ronald McDonald House. I want to remind folks about this fabulous organization. They need a little bit of everything, all the time. Families pay at most $15 a night to stay there while their child is in the hospital. My family stayed there when my daughter was going in for her first surgery. The people are so amazing, and they give everything they can. But to do it, they need people like us to help. I recently took over laundry soap, toothbrushes, feminine products, body wash, razors, shaving cream, etc, etc, etc. They need it all. As a couponer, I make it my goal to donate quarterly. My last donation had a retail value of just about $100, but I paid about $6 for all of it. It is not leaving me out anything to give it to such a worthy organization, and to people who are where I've been as a parent. :)

  6. Anna, thank you for taking the time to share about the Ronald McDonald House and your experience with them. I am going to look into donating to one in our area. Very inspiring!


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