Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Print Free Pictures at Target

Have any pictures just hanging out on your camera or smart phone in need of printing? How about getting them for free! Combine Target's sale price of 10 cents per photo with the $5 off 50 prints printable coupon and score 50 prints for FREE! Can't beat that price! Sale runs through 11/3, so get the photos while you can. If you missed the deal, Target regularly runs this coupon with a sale every so often, so hold on to those coupons when you see them!

Don't forget to print out the other great printable coupons available!

See which end of the month coupons are HOT and not to miss out on! 
End of the Month Printables

End of the Month Printable Coupons: Save Money By Planning Ahead

It's easy to get caught up in our very busy days. It's easy to find ourselves scribbling down a few things on a list to get at the store and then rushing out to get what we need only then to realize we left our coupons at home...OR coupons still in tact in the Sunday paper inserts we've been saving but haven't made time to do anything with.

Well, let me let you in on a little secret. You need to plan out a few minutes of time during your week to cut out or print out a few coupons you could use. My quick and favorite way of doing this is by scouting out a few printable coupons to print, then cutting them out right away to stash in my purse or car. That way, you can always save a few dollars each week with minimum effort. Your coupons are always with you. Those dollars each week end up saving you lots of cash, and as we all know, little things do add up!

The end of the month is here again and many of the printable coupons you will see won't be around much longer. However, many won't expire for another few weeks. Many great deals you see skilled couponers put together sometimes include coupons that "are not longer in print" so don't let those deals get away from you. 

Here are some of my favorites I will be printing (links to the coupon sites):

October in Maine: A Perfect Week of Autumn Bliss

My family and I just spent an incredible week in the gorgeous state of Maine. If I was craving any sort of autumn in my life, it definitely got fulfilled by all of Maine's beauty and seasonable weather. It was very cold and felt good to drink hot mulled cider and not sweat and eat lobster to my heart's content.

I was excited to go apple picking with my family. We also picked beautiful colored leaves from the trees that we pressed in books (the board book, "Goodnight Maine" actually) and plan to press them between glass in a frame for some autumn decor around our home. Pictures to come.

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

10/22 Print Them! Tuesdays

Still lots of great candy coupons available to print and my guess is that they won't be around much longer. Hold on to these and stash them in your wallet or purse for when you are out and spy a great candy sale. Those coupons will really come in handy.

Here are the coupons I am printing this week (with the links so you can grab them too!): 

General Mills Cheerios (multiple varities), BOGO $3.92 (Publix Ad beginning 10/24)
$1/2 General Mills Cheerios manufacturer printable
=$1.46 each

$1/3 Gerber Organic Pouches manufacturer printable

.50/1 Pampers wipes manufacturer printable

$5/$15 Spirit of Halloween store printable (great for you last minute Halloween costumes or accessories!)

Also a 25% off Spirit of Halloween single item printable

.55/1 Chobani manufacturer printable

Target Store Coupons: (You can pair these with a manufacturer coupon if your stores takes Target as a competitor)

$1/2 Quaker Target Printable

.50/1 Mentos Target Printable

Friday, October 18, 2013

Living Social Deals and New Online Coupons

I received an email from Living Social about how they now have coupon codes and sale updates from tons of retail brands! Before you do any online shopping - I would be taking a look at what they have available to save some $$$! If you click on the link below (on the Living Social banner) you go to the page "Shop" and then scroll down to "Coupons" and you will see over 17 thousand available! 

I love Living Social and get plenty of local deals on our favorite restuarants and such, but this makes them even better in my book!

Let me know if you have any luck with a great deal through Living Social! Comment below with your savings!

Happy Friday!

Sunday Coupon Preview 10/20

Here's a great source to preview what coupons will be out in the Sunday paper. It's great to take a look at these to help plan your list or to see if you want to get yourself a few extra copies!

Also be on the look out for any Publix flyers, since they occasionally add bonus store coupons!

Freebie Fridays - What's Free With Coupons Currently

If you are a teacher, many aquariums offer discounts or let you go for free!

Who doesn't love FREEEEEEEE!?!

Welcome to a brand NEW weekly post putting out what's free with coupons (or without!) all in one place. I personally love these kind of posts and decided to start one here for my readers.

Keep in mind these freebies do not involve "doubled" coupons and also reflect a true buy one, get one sale (when included). Check your local area prices to be sure you can match these deals, as some may be regional. Also check dates on coupons, since many freebie deals have a short window before they expire.

At Publix 10/18/13:

Beechnut baby food jars .59, BOGO
use $1/3 Beechnut items manufacturer printable
= Free, when you buy 6

Publix Table Cloth $2.99
use $3/1 Target table cloth printable coupon

Biotene Gum $1.49
use $2.50/2 or $1/1 manufacturer coupon 10/13/13 SS
AND $1/1 Biotene product Publix coupon
= FREE, plus overage!

Mentos gum, 15 ct. bottle $1.00 
use .75/1 manufacturer coupon 9-29-13 SS
AND .50/1 Mentos Target printable
= FREE, plus overage!

Del Monte Fruit Burst Squeezers $2.00
use $1/1 manufacturer printable or $1/1 manufacturer coupon 9-29-13 RP
AND $1/1 Target printable

Did I miss something? You can share what you found in a comment below or contact me by email (please include "Freebie Friday" in your message, thanks!) and I will update my list accordingly. 

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Oct 17 Publix Trip: $52 Worth in Groceries for $13! Weekly Brag with Shopper Link Ups!

Welcome to my weekly shopping post! Where each week I explain in detail what I got and how I got it while spending as close to $10 dollars as possible. Sometimes it's a little more or less, depending on what's for sale. I have posted links and sources so you can get the same great deals for yourself!

Because Florida doesn't "double" coupons, a lot of killer deals are sometimes more difficult to come by. More difficult, but not impossible. Saving money in Florida can still be done! I hope that my weekly posts help get you started and inspire you to recreate your own great deals that save you money.
I have also added a new weekly post called "Freebie Fridays" where you can see what's free this week - and the money makers!

If you are involved in the social media scene, join us on our Facebook Page by giving a "thumbs up" and say hello! We have almost hit our beginning goal of 100 likes - our page is still a newbie, but it's growing into a great community of inspiring each other to save! Thank you for your support!

Okay, so about this week's shopping trip...

I was pleased to get salad and fruit as part of my weekly shopping trip "brag." I love that salad greens are buy one, get one and you can pair that sale with a $1 off coupon to get them for $1 each! The coupon says "Sweetbay" on it, but if you look closely it is a manufacturer's coupon which most any store should accept. We can always use extra greens in our house for salads and in our smoothies (yes, smoothies - it's the perfect way to bump up nutrition for my kids - see my post called Smoothie Queen for a delicious healthy chocolate smoothie recipe)

All for $13

If you are new to couponing, check out my Coupon Key for the lingo and great printable coupon sources. Also, you can view other coupons available to print on my Printable Coupons page! Thanks for visiting! Check back later and comment below to share your savings!

For the breakdown on today's Publix shopping trip (10/17/13):

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Oct 15 - Print Them! Tuesdays

I'm really feeling like this upcoming ad at Publix (beginning Oct. 17) is going to be a great one. I see a lot of good Buy One, Get One promotions on items that our family purchases anyway. I love it when that happens! I've been extra diligent to print out coupons right away to save and pair with a sale. I hope you have to! I am getting quite a collection from printing a lot earlier this month, that we all should start seeing the savings add up if we haven't already. You can snag these coupons for yourself and see the others that fit your needs on the printable sites. Remember, many of these can be used wherever you shop - Target, Walmart, or your local grocery store. Printable coupons are a great way to save a few bucks each week - which definitely adds up over time!

SPOOK-tacular Halloween Savings: (get these great coupons for all that Halloween candy we give away!)

Under the Sea Birthday Party

Their is something so special about a first birthday party for your sweet baby (and NOT so baby anymore!). It makes you want to go beyond just getting cake and ice cream and calling it a day. I also appreciated all our friends and family being part of the celebration and making her feel so special. That's what mattered most to me.

Setting up and hanging out with the birthday girl

This birthday party was so much fun to put on! I think it brought out the little girl in me looking at all The Little Mermaid pictures I could find for inspiration. I found so many clever ideas through Pinterest pins under the search "mermaid party" and "under the sea theme." SO many ideas! I had to scale it down a bit to compliment our budget, but there are so many things you can do with this theme that are simple, but fun and won't break the bank.

Here are so of my personal party favorites:

Friday, October 11, 2013

October 11 Publix Shopping Trip: $70 Worth in Groceries for $14! Weekly Link Up Brag!

All for $14!

Did you get your orange juice deal on ibotta this week (it's on any OJ, not brand specific)? The offer is still going on for a few more days with a TON of other great deals. If you don't have the free app yet, you really need to give it a shot. I've earned over a good chunk of change with ibotta offers on TOP of all the fabulous coupons you can use. Check out my post on ibotta here. I really feel like it takes couponing to the next level. :)

This week we stocked up on some great items. Even though I wasn't loving this weeks sale, I usually can walk away with a few good deals I'm excited about. I loved that the 'blinkie' Apple & Eve coupons were right by the juice boxes already on sale so it was easy to spot. For a dollar a pack, I will probably go back and grab a few more! We have my daughter's first birthday party coming up and that would be perfect to have on hand for the kiddos to drink.


Can't believe my baby doll is already one!
Happy Birthday to my sweet angel!

Speaking of kids, I have already begun to set aside toys and gifts for the upcoming holiday season. I have recently written a post with a few simple ways to save money this season called: Tips for Having a Merry Christmas (and Not Going Broke) This is Part One of a two part post specifically on tips for living frugally over the holidays. Something to read over and think about before we are in the thick of holiday spending.

So how'd it go this week? Maybe you are just getting down to planning your list. Please come back and share with us! Or join our Facebook page community (especially is you coupon in the great Sunshine state) where we all work together to inspire each other to save! You can also link up your weekly "brag" blog below (I really enjoy seeing how everyone did - we really do have a great community here!).

Here's today's breakdown on how I saved $80%:

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Tips For Having a Merry Christmas (And Not Going Broke) Part 1

This post is for those who get overwhelmed with the outward flow of cash that happens this time of year. If you're looking for tips on being "happy" this Christmas, this is a start, but not a complete list beyond how to save some money. If you've got kids, this post is for you. If you buy gifts every year, this post is for you. I think we can all benefit from using a few tricks up our sleeve so we can survive the holidays without having to sell our house by January.

The holidays are expensive. No doubt. The average American spends roughly $800 a year on presents alone (according to Not to mention all the upcoming travel expenses, gatherings at our home, decorations, food for all the parties, our electricity bill and do we really need to get our pet a Christmas gift, too!?? Yes, it would be nice and hopefully with a few of these tips you'll be able to have something for your furry friend under the tree this year, as well.

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

October 8 Print Them! Tuesdays!! Print Your TOY COUPONS While You Still Can!

There are so many great coupons out to print right now - especially toy coupons. I like to pick up a few hot item toys for my kids and stash them for Christmas time. Especially if the toy is originally around $20 bucks and I can get it for $5 - (see below)! If you have become too busy to scan the list of what's out there lately, my "Print Them! Tuesdays" is the perfect reminder and opportunity! To become more acquainted with the "coupon lingo" and some of the sources I use, see my Coupon Key in the page tabs above.

I get asked quite often how long it takes me to plan my shopping trip to where I save close to 80% or more - but I certainly don't sit down and plan it out all in one shot! I check many different sites and sources throughout the week. I keep a list of the best deals and then I can be aware of the best coupons that appear and snag them up to use with a sale to save BIG. So that's the secret! A little time here and there goes a long way when it comes to couponing.

So here is my list of some of my favorite coupons out right now. When I put it together, I take all my printable that come fresh off the printer and type them up for you all. I link up the sources so you can print them directly. That way, when you see my weekly brag blog on Thursday of my Publix savings, you already have many of the same coupons I do before they go out of print! Be sure to scan closely on these sites to see if there are any others you can print and save of other things you may be looking for.

My printable coupon list this week:

Friday, October 4, 2013

October 4 Publix Shopping Trip: $134 Worth in Groceries for $17 OOP!! With Link Ups!

All for $17 bucks!

*Help us reach our goal this week for 100 likes on our new Facebook page!! We are rockin' and rollin' and getting some great deals out to you as we find them here in the Sunshine state! Thank you for your support!

I already miss some of the deals from last week! I was so happy about all the fresh fruit and juice deals that it made this week appear super unhealthy (brownies and Snickers are just too good to resist). I do have to remind myself and point out to you that saving money on a lot of these grocery store purchases does help to give more room in your grocery budget for fresh produce. So if you're using coupons, you are hopefully seeing that boost in your produce not matter what the sales look like!

My favorites this week were the free Lindt chocolate bar (I only snagged ONE, but it made me so happy that it was free) and the BOGO on the Snapware. I got some cereal containers and bigger containers to keep my salad and cut up fruit in. Snapware is BPA free so you don't have to worry about that toxic garbage mixing into your food.

If you haven't been to our Facebook page, definitely check it out! Give me a "thumbs up" while you're there (I call it the virtual "pat on the back - great job, keep it up!" type of thing). I like to post great deals I find, making sure you will never miss a money-saving moment. You can also subscribe and get my posts sent to you by entering your email under "Follow Me" to the right!

Couponing Tip: Technology is fantastic - expecially when it helps us earn money - if you haven't downloaded the free app for iPhone or Android called Ibotta - you definitely need to get it! Not sure what that is? I've written a post about how it works and how you save and earn cash back on your purchases (my favorite thus far was on the gallon of milk, any - I hope everyone took advantage of that offer!!)

What is Ibotta? blog post

Here's the breakdown from today's shopping trip:

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Turning 30: Avoid These Places If You Want to Feel Young

Lately I feel like I am racing against the clock. I get so caught up in the day to day, that a week will pass. Then a month. Then it's "Happy New Year" again. I look in the mirror and see an older me. I've made it part of my getting ready routine to check for "glitter strands" and pluck those babies out of existence. This whole getting older thing really is difficult to adjust to. Quite frankly, it downright blows.

I really need to figure out how to slow things down and enjoy these "flying by" moments collected into what we call life. I still feel 20 years old, only I have a husband and two kids. I definitely realize I'm NOT 20 years old when I visit certain places that remind me that I really am a grown up...even if I still feel like a kid.

So here's to those trying to look & feel young - and so comes my highest recommendation to avoid these places (or at least to be aware of what you're up against):

Unstuffed Pepper Soup

This blog has moved to a new home!! Come visit us at Capturing Inspirations at!

This is a beautiful cold weather soup. It might be the tomato soup that's added in that does the trick...or maybe the mix of all the flavors that all come together perfectly. If you like stuffed peppers, than you will love this soup! It's foolproof and great to make ahead and then warm up when you're ready to serve to your family or for guests.


1 1/2 lbs of organic ground beef
2 large green peppers, diced
1 large red pepper, diced
1 large onion, chopped
2 cans of organic beef broth (14.5 oz each)
*2 cans of condensed tomato soup (14.5 oz each)
*you can also use Trader Joe's Roasted Red Pepper and Tomato soup delicious
1 28 oz can of crushed tomatoes, undrained
1 cup of brown rice (measured uncooked)
1 tablespoon of worstershire sauce
1/4 cup of brown sugar
1 tsp of sea salt
1 tsp fresh cracked papper
(shredded cheese for topping)


Print Them! Tuesdays - Hello October!

Summer is a distant memory now as we have flown past September and now have crashed into October! Few! I hope you grabbed the printable coupons from yesterday's post, there may be a few stragglers left on the list still available to print, but typically manufacturers give us a fresh list to have fun saving money with the coming of a new month.

Remember if you see any high-value coupons that catch your eye, you're best to print those right away! They tend to disappear quickly with a limited number of prints the manufacturer allows.

Most of the printable coupons you can print at least twice from one computer. So if you have more than one computer in your household, you can print more than two coupons.

Couponing Tip: if the coupon your looking for seems to have disappeared and you know you've only printed it once and you want to print it again, check the very last page of the should find it there!

Here's the coupon printables on my list to print & save:
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