Thursday, July 11, 2013

Publix Shopping Trip 7/11

LOTS of free items in today's shopping trip. I love it when that happens! I got $82 dollars worth of groceries for close to $10 bucks!

I'm pretty sure we are going to be smelling good in this house. Plenty of body wash to go around. I stumbled upon this body wash deal and then soon discovered their was quite a controversy surrounding this coupon for using it to buy the body wash. Although Clairol is the manufacturer of Herbal Essence, the coupon was intended for the hair color care products, not the body wash. I read someone explaining that on Clairol's Facebook page the wording on the coupon wasn't correct, but they were still going to honor the coupon for body wash and other Clairol products. That's all I need to know. Say no more. As long as I can use them. Here's the snippet from the Facebook discussion:

"Clairol Thanks for asking. It was our intent that the coupon be used for $5 off of any 2 Clairol hair color products only. We understand that the wording of the coupon does not clarify hair color and want to reassure you that we fully take responsibility and will honor the redemptions. However, we hope that our original intent of offering $5 off of any 2 Clairol hair color products is recognized, so that we can continue to provide value offers in the future. Thank you for reaching out for clarity. ^Renee"

Well, Renee, even if value offers come up in the near future, we are probably still going to be all set on body wash for awhile. But thank you!

$82 Worth in Groceries for $10!


Here's the breakdown...

(8) Herbal Essences Body Wash $2.50 each Sale price - used (4) $5/2 manufacturer coupons (from P&G 7/7 Sunday paper) = FREE!

(2) V8 Splash $2.69 - BOGO used .75/2 manufacturer coupon = .97 each

(2) Morningstar farms $4.19 - BOGO used (2) $1/1 manufacturer coupon and $1/2 Publix coupon from Summer Booklet (still in stores) = .60 each

(10) Pillsbury refrigerated dough $1.00 sale price ($10/10) - used $1/2 manufacturer's coupon and $1/2 Publix coupon = FREE!

(2) Triscuits $4.49 - BOGO used .75/2 manufacturer coupon = $1.87 each

Smuckers hot fudge sale price $2.00 - used $1.00/1 manufacturer peelie = $1.00

Clorox Greenworks bathroom cleaner $2.09 clearance price - used .50/1 printable and $1/1 Publix coupon from Summer Booklet

(2) Covergirl Outlast nail polish $4.99 - used (2) $1.50/1 manufacturer coupon (from P&G 7/7 Sunday paper) and (2) $2/1 Publix coupon (from Refresh mailer) = $1.50 each

Also used a Publix $5/$40 coupon

Order total: $8.18

Sales tax: $2.44

Grand total: $10.62

Savings: $72.00

$82.62 Worth in Groceries OOP $10.82! 
87% Savings!!


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