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Publix Shopping Trip 7/26 $119 Worth in Groceries for $32.29

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I have a few things to mention in today's post. My weekly savings trip is in with a Pinterest Challenge update! Lots of goodies to share with you all! Brace yourselves!

The great thing about couponing is if sales aren't too stellar for the week, you've usually got a few items stocked up to get you by. I'm hoping next week deals are better for my family. There wasn't a whole lot that I was excited about, so I decided to mix my full weeks shopping in with the best deals (keep in mind, I purchase all my produce from a local market...and I buy a LOT of fresh produce). All is not lost, though. Always some great deals to be had.

All for $32.29!

7/26 Publix Shopping Trip 73% Savings!

Here's my shopping trip breakdown: (for coupon lingo explained, see my coupon key page)

First Transaction:

(2) Bic razors sale price $4.99 - used (2) $2/1 manufacturer coupon SS 7-14 and (2) $2/1 Bic razors Target printable coupon = .99 each!

(6) Smuckers natural jam $3.49 - BOGO used (6) .75/1 manufacturer's coupons RP 7-14 = .99 each

(2) Happy Tot squeeze pouches $1.13 - used (2) Try One Free pouch manufacturer coupon (wrote Happy Family and they mailed a few great coupons to use for my kids! LOVE THEM even MORE!) = FREE!

(4) Mueller's Pasta $1.39 - BOGO used (2) $1/2 manufacturers printable = .19 each

(1) Publix sour cream = .95

(1) Publix flour = $1.49

(1) Publix sugar = $1.55

(1) Earth's Best baby oatmeal cereal = $2.99

(1) JIF natural peanut butter = $3.19

(2) BIC mechanical pencils $3.69 = BOGO used (1) manufacturers printable and (2) $1/1 Bic target printable = .35 each

(1) Publix white vinegar = $1.17

(1) Vendange Sauvignon Blanc = $6.50

*(1) Hydro Razor $10.99 - used (1) $4/1 manufacturer printable and (1) $4/1 target printable = $2.99

*(1) Playtex tampon box $4.59 = used Publix flyer Buy Hydro Silk razor get free box Playtex Tampons = FREE! also used $3/1 manufacturer printable for Playtex = $3 money maker!

*I think the cashier goofed, when checking my receipt for the breakdown I see a "-$10.99" so it appears as though she deducted the razor, instead of the tampons!

Also used $5/$30 Winn Dixie

Total: $19.35

Tax: $2.51

Grand Total: $21.86

Savings: $63.60

Second Transaction:

(2) Knorr pasta sides $1.17 - used (1) $1/2 Knorr sides Publix coupon (from Meals on the Go green flyer) and (1) $1/2 manufacturer coupon (from Winn Dixie booklet) = .17 each

(1) Box of Crest Whitestrips = $29.99 used (1) $10/1 Publix coupon and (1) $7/1 manufacturer = $12.99

Also used $5/$30 Winn Dixie

Total: $8.33

Tax: $2.10

Grand Total: $10.43

Total Worth in Groceries: $119.89

OOP Total: $32.29

Savings: $87.60


I also wanted to add a quick update on the Pinterest Challenge that has been going on for the month of July. I haven't posted too much about my pins, however, I have not lost sight of my goal. I postponed the memory verses with my son and added another recipe to try. Definitely a solid winner. I'm adding it to my kitchen cookbook and wanted to share it with you all here. I truly love the website "I Heart Publix" and who knew the recipes they share would also be equally as awesome. I tried Shrimp and Sausage Jambalaya, and if you like a little heat, you should try it too.

So continuing on with the Pinterest Challenge, from my Inspired board, I decided to try out Fitness Magazine's "8-Minute Workout: Yoga for Better Sleep" and it was awesome. A great way to ease into sleep mode, while giving your body a well deserved stretch.

I really began enjoying yoga when my son became a "true" toddler. If you've been around toddlers then you know what I mean. It's when they begin to have an opinion, one that may only be communicated through tantrums and screams. Man on man. I have learned to become a patient woman.

When my daughter was born and I started the juggling act of my time between two children, both under two years of age, I needed some form of relaxation. I also wanted to begin getting back into my pre-baby shape. Yoga was a great addition to my exercise routine, which typically consisted of running and strength training.

Lastly, I wanted to note that I am hunting for a natural window cleaner too, random, I know. But see the pictures below to see what inspired this motivation. I'm thinking Pinterest is just the place to begin my search, but if you all have a great nontoxic one to share, please comment below. I'm ready to rid my home of harsh chemicals for good...but before I can truly let go, I need a few more solid replacements.

Alivia and Will playing on the slider

Any other great "pins" to share? I'd love to hear what you've come up with! Don't be shy - remember to comment on how you're coming along. A few days left until August. Wow!

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