Sunday, August 25, 2013

Publix PAID ME $1.38!! FREE Gillette Shave Cream and Free Bic Razors

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This was a very exciting Publix shopping trip for me. A true money maker. I decided to run back to Publix to get more of the Gillette Shave cream with coupons to stock up for my husband.  For the first time Publix paid me cash to haul out three bags full of products! I was so excited I called my husband while walking to my car in the parking lot to tell him about my purchases. I have always managed good savings while grocery shopping, but never had I purchased items and paid nothing, plus received cash! So awesome!! I'm guessing this deal could be done at Walmart or Target. Depending on the price on the razors and shave cream at these stores (and competitor coupons they allow). But it's worth looking into!

ibotta has also had some great offers available this week! I'll be using those in my shopping trip for new deals this coming week! If you're unfamiliar with ibotta, see my blogpost about it here. 

REMEMBER! We are nearing the end of the month - print your coupons before they refresh the sites with new ones! Some of the best deals use printable coupons that are no longer in print (a little couponing trick to remember). See my "Printable Coupons" page to take you to the most popular site to print them while you can! Also, some coupons only have a limited supply available to print. So if you see a product you use, print it, and save it for later!

Here's the breakdown:

(11) Gillette Foam Shave Cream $1.95

(1) Gillette Gel Shave $2.50 sale price

(1) Bic Soleil Twilight Disposable razors $4.99 Sale price


(4) Gillette $6/3 manufacturer coupon 8-11 RP
(1) BIC $3/1 manufacturer coupon 8-11 SS
(1) $5/$30 Winn Dixie coupon

Order Total: $-3.06
Sales Tax: $1.68
Grand Total: $-1.38

Savings: $33.09

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