Saturday, September 14, 2013

How To Begin Eating Healthy While Using Coupons

Just flipping through a Sunday coupon insert shouldn't come to our surprise that the notion of eating healthy and couponing just can't be mixed. Many people associate coupons with junk food and the sad truth is, it's because their is a lot of it out there. A LOT. But the part that is really sad is many people who are looking to save money don't even entertain the idea of couponing because they want to eat healthy, so they keep paying full price for things when their is definitely a better way. So whether you are looking to eat healthier but don't think it's in the budget, or you already eat healthy but feel like you'll need to compromise too much to coupon, this post is for you. It's no accident you are here. We can all better ourselves in one way or another.

I am telling you the two can be done, eating healthy and saving money with coupons. Give yourself permission to not be perfect, because it will take some learning and practice. This is not always an easy task. Being wealthy is a lot like being physically fit and eating healthy in regards to the challenge they each possess. If it were easy, everyone would be skinny and rich. It's tough for many different personal reasons. But with one day at a time we can make improvements for the better. Again I will remind you to give yourselves permission to mess up. That's how we learn to get it right.

Here are a few key points to improve your health AND your wallet.

Take inventory of your healthy eating essentials and visit the internet.

What are your family's fresh produce and pantry staples? Keep a list of things you are frequently running to the store to buy. The must-haves for your baked goods, family meals, smoothies, and snacks. Do you buy organic or non-organic in things? Brand loyal or it doesn't matter? Once you have a main list for your family's needs, I encourage you to seek out the manufacturer's website and Facebook pages of those products you regularly buy. Many offer coupons you can print right from their page - OR - even better, take a few minutes to write them an email and request coupons if they offer any. You are now beginning to coupon and eat healthy, my friends. You aren't compromising your beloved organic steel cut oats or  "fill-in-the-blank", you just need to do a little leg work to get the ball of savings rolling.

Household Products Coupons

You may be vary particular in eating something that has absolutely no coupons. It's okay. I do that every week. But how about giving up some of the pickiness of your paper products or household goods and buy some that are on sale with matching coupons? The money you save on these products can give you the extra dollars in your wallet to splurge on buying organic like you've always wanted, but never seem to have the cash. Also check on a few DIY cleaners, they are simple and inexpensive to make. Pinterest is loaded with tons of great DIY pins for things like that. I have a few on my board that I use on a regular basis! They save me money and I'm not infesting my home with tons of chemical products. Certainly makes this mommy happy. Especially when I can use the money I saved to buy more fresh fruit for my daily smoothies for me and my kiddos.

Farmer's Market

You probably guessed I would mention this. As in many of my other posts about saving money, I like to mention supporting your local markets.  Not just because of sustainably reasons, but financial reasons. You and the farmer both really benefit. Produce is typically a lot cheaper than at your larger grocery store. I buy so much fresh produce each week, making two trips a least to our local market. If I can't buy organic, I will buy local. The money I save each week is absolutely worth the separate trip. I encourage you to give it a try. Not to mention, my fruit and veggies taste better - imagine that!
Check to see if your local market has a website. I have found coupons even on local farmer's produce. Amazing, right? Who knew! Are you getting excited to save some money yet?

Imagine saving just $20 bucks a week using coupons. That sounds great enough to some people, but put it in the perspective of your yearly savings. If you saved just $20 bucks a week with coupons, that equals a yearly savings of $1,040! The more you coupon and get familiar with prices, promotions, and sales, the better you get. Some weeks I can almost gaurentee you'll save much, much more. You can easily turn that $1,000 bucks into $10,000. Then you are really getting the hang of this couponing thing, as well as eating a whole lot better.

Need some great references on healthy eating? See a few of my favorite books to the right! These are a great start to the importance of nutrition and will definitely motivate you.

Also, scan some printable coupons lists and look for your favorite brands that can save you a few dollars right away. Look for those household products that can give your wallet some wiggle room on your produce! See my Coupon Key page for some great printable resources!

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