Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Couponing in Florida: 3 Quick Money-Saving Tips

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Welcome to Florida

Couponing has been an easy way to save some money for many folks. Some chuckle at the .25 cents coupons, or .50 cents coupons in the Sunday paper saying, "Oh WOW, I can save a whole .50 cents!" But many stores let you "double coupons" so that .50 cents turns into a dollar in a second at the register. A dollar off isn't bad! Especially if you're using a few of those coupons - you can get some things free - and those dollars stay in your own pocket!

I have never witnessed a coupon "doubling."

That is because I live in Florida.

If you live in the land where you can double coupons, you have got it made in the shade. But for us Sunshine State dwellers, we still need to save money too! I have made Florida my home since college and now with a growing family of my own, I have picked up the art of couponing. All you need is a few tricks up your sleeve to keep the savings rolling down here, so you can spend more time on the beach.

Tip #1 - Frequent Publix

I hope you have a Publix near you! They have great BOGO (buy one, get one) deals where you can use two coupons on the purchase (even if you are only paying for one). Many Publix stores take competitor coupons and those can be "stacked" with manufacturer coupons to save lots of moolah. They have been carrying more organic brands and also have their own Greenwise brand, so you can still eat healthy and save money.

I typically do a "weekly brag" of the best deals at my local Florida Publix. Check out some of the past deals for examples. These are proof that couponing here can definitely compete with our "doubler" couponing folks. So if you are a resident of this fine state, or just curious about Florida couponing, you can add your email to the right under "Follow Me" to never miss a money-saving deal.

Tip #2 - Visit Local Farmer's Markets for Produce

We eat a lot of fresh produce and it is absolutely fantastic here in Florida! Nothing beats a Florida grapefruit or other Florida citrus. I love our strawberries in the springtime. So many things can grow year-round here, that eating locally is more possible than in other states. You can save so much money finding a local farmer's market to shop at. For example, at the beginning of summer Publix was selling seedless watermelon for around $8.99. My local farmer's market was selling them for $3.99. The mark up isn't quite as high for our local farmers and I love the fact that my produce hasn't been sitting on a truck for weeks.

Tip #3 - Use Ibotta

I have been using ibotta on my smart phone and love it. It's a free app to save money (earn money) and use in addition to your coupons. My favorite part of ibotta is you can earn money from offers as well as the different bonuses each month. So you can earn money from the offer, and extra money on top of that!
To learn more about ibotta, see my blog post "What is ibotta?"
Or click here to download it.

Saving money in Florida is possible, you just need to have these few tricks up your sleeves. If you coupon in Florida and would like to add more to this list, please add your tip in the comment section!

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