Wednesday, October 30, 2013

October in Maine: A Perfect Week of Autumn Bliss

My family and I just spent an incredible week in the gorgeous state of Maine. If I was craving any sort of autumn in my life, it definitely got fulfilled by all of Maine's beauty and seasonable weather. It was very cold and felt good to drink hot mulled cider and not sweat and eat lobster to my heart's content.

I was excited to go apple picking with my family. We also picked beautiful colored leaves from the trees that we pressed in books (the board book, "Goodnight Maine" actually) and plan to press them between glass in a frame for some autumn decor around our home. Pictures to come.

We had some of the most amazing food in Maine. It sounds ridiculous, but I get so excited to just eat when I get there. The food is sacredly local and delicious. Our wonderful friends made a homemade dish of lobster mac and cheese on one of our first nights visiting. It has become one of my favorite dishes I've ever had. We had homemade pumpkin pie made with fresh pumpkin (recipe is a family secret) and homemade lobster rolls that were better than you can find in restaurants. We were spoiled to say the least.

October has came and went and it's been a beautiful one. It's always fun to go on vacation and never easy to leave. We are now back to the daily grind, but with some fresh pictures to adorn the walls and warm memories in our hearts.

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