Friday, November 29, 2013

A Fun, Family Christmas in Florida: Snow or No Snow

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So, I'm pretty excited. December is upon us and so begins the countdown to Christmas. I'm sure I'm not the only one who glanced at the calendar and felt like we were sent on a sling shot out of November and into Christmas time. We can thank a later Thanksgiving for that sudden realization. I hate it when I try to plan ahead on fun family projects and then find myself scrambling to get things together last minute. Where did November go?

My goal is to make it feeeeeel like Christmas around these parts. Florida certainly isn't the most picturesque place that comes to mind when you think of Christmas. I typically recall Home Alone 2 when Kevin is lost in New York and his family is in Florida. Remember that part? It's pouring rain and his family is having a lousy time in their hotel. Meanwhile, Kevin has hunted down the most beautiful Christmas tree and it's snowing ever so perfectly.

My Christmas
Well, I must admit, I still wish for snow every year. But I'm not going to let the weather dictate my happy Christmas. Or especially with my kiddos. Christmas is going to be perfect because we are together and making new traditions and memories.

Christmas is definitely way more fun with kids. They get you into the magic of it all again.
The kids and I typically watch PBS cartoons in the morning during breakfast and, lately, have been seeing "commercials" for the Cat in the Hat Christmas episode since Halloween. Well, I'm not sure who was more excited that it was on the day before Thanksgiving, me…or the kids. I just remember getting the kids into the show by pointing out the animated Christmas tree and talking about the snow and decorations. I may have jumped up and down. I don't think it had so much to do with the Cat and the Hat as it did with Christmas arriving again. This year is going to be awesome. Snow or no snow.

I decided to have a little more fun with the kids this Christmas. Hopefully beginning some of our own family traditions in the process. I have searched high and low with ideas to piece together our own countdown to Christmas. A way to celebrate the holiday one day at a time. I wish I was the creative mastermind to each idea, but truth be told they are collected inspirations from across the web. Most are pretty simple to execute, but fun nonetheless. I will post a few in advance so you can work them into your family plans. Here's what I have planned for the first week of December.

1st - Have the kids open a gift - new Christmas pjs

2nd - Polar Express movie night with peppermint hot chocolate and LOTS of marshmallows

3rd - Make ornaments using little pom poms, popsicle sticks and glue.

4th - Christmas story time in new pjs, next to the Christmas tree.

5th - Write letters to santa (save the list to put into ornaments for next year for the kids)

6th - Christmas cookie party - invite some kids over to bake and decorate cookies.

7th - Go see the Christmas parade!

So here's our first week, all countdown ideas will be wrapped or in envelopes so the kids have something to open each day! I may have our Elf on the Shelf take part in delivering some of our Christmas fun!

Have any good ideas for Christmas count downs with toddlers? I've love ideas directly from you! 

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