Friday, July 5, 2013

7/4 Publix Shopping Trip: $53 Worth in Groceries for $5!

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I hope you all had a fabulous Fourth of July holiday! We had a busy day of fun spending time with friends and swimming in the pool. I had 6 bucks cash to take to Publix and got over $50 worth in groceries (the breakdown is below). Lets just say, we didn't need to go out for ice cream. Ben & Jerry's was quite a steal and I had a very happy family when I came home with an assortment of pints. We are getting stocked up on pasta sauce and pasta around here! I need to have the family over for a spaghetti dinner soon to make some room in my pantry for next week's haul.

I also wanted to share the idea I snagged from Pinterest (see my Pinterest board to the right if you’d like to follow me!) for a craft to do with the little ones (you can find the original pin on my "Fourth of July Fun" Pinboard).

It’s called “Fireworks in a Jar” and since my kids are not too crazy about the loud pops and booms fireworks make, I was able to entice them to do this craft by explaining these fireworks "were just colors" and no sounds…seemed like a good plan. Well.
My son, Will, and his buddies

Take a look at a few of my step-by-step snapshots to see how it went.

Start with mason jars full of warm water 3/4 way full.

Add 4 Tablespoons of oil (we used vegetable oil) to a small bowl.

Then add 4 drops of each color of food coloring and break apart with a fork.

Slowly pour bowl of oil and food coloring into mason jar.

So um....ya. Something wasn't quite right? It's suppose to be clear with colorful explosions...hmm.

You will appreciate the next picture. I put together a side-by-side photo of the Pinterest picture and our own.

Needless to say, I'm not a very good scientist. If you know what went wrong, please enlighten me by sharing in a comment below.

After the morning of fun with the kids, I took a brief air conditioned break out at Publix to pick up some of the best deals to share. Here’s the breakdown, I won't keep you waiting any longer...

(4) Kraft Velveeta Shells & Cheese $2.49 - BOGO used (2) $1/2 MF printable = .75 each

(2) General Mills Cheerios $3.99– BOGO used (2) .75/1 MF printable = 1.25 each

Bananas .69 lb = $1.64 used Publix coupon $2 off when you buy 2 Cheerios (flyer) = FREE! plus .36 Money Maker!

(4) Bakers cups .85 each – used  $1/1 manufacturer coupon = FREE! plus .60 Money Maker!

(4) Barilla Whole Grain pasta $1.39 – BOGO used (2) $1/2 printable manufacturer coupons = .39 each

(2) Barilla Pasta Sauce $2.29 – BOGO used (2) .75/1 printable manufacturer coupon = .40 each

(2) Pillsbury Grands $1.67 – 3 for 5$ sale used $1/2 manufacturer and $1/2 Publix coupon = .67 each

(4) Ben & Jerry’s $3.85 – BOGO used $2/$2 frozen food Publix coupon and $1/1 MF coupon and $2.50/3 MF printable = .80 each!

Also used $5/30 Winn Dixie competitor coupon

Order Total: $4.62 (after all the coupons of course)

Sales Tax: .78

Grand Total: $5.40

Savings: $47.60

$53 Worth in Groceries for $5.40!

91% Savings!!

All for $5 Bucks!! (Ben & Jerry's anyone?)

How did you do this week? I'd love to hear about some great deals YOU found!

Thanks for stopping by!


  1. where did you find the sauce coupon. thank you.

  2. Hi Autumn!

    The Bertolli sauce coupon was found on a few weeks ago. I'm not sure if it has reset or not. I believe I used zip code 90210 or 12345 to get it. I try to snag those when I see them come up on printable sites because Publix usually has a sauce BOGO during the month. Good luck!


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