Sunday, July 7, 2013

Pinterest: 10 Days to Living Your Dreams Challenge

This time of year the lull of the summer starts to set in. Fourth of July festivities are over and things begin to quiet down. It's from now until Labor Day where you can catch up on projects around the house, go on family trips to the beach, kick back, relax and bask in the hot summer rays.

However, my personal reality is with two kids running around (well, one running and one crawling very fast), it's hard to get some down time. You also might not feel so relaxed at work or simply feel stuck in a rut with your daily routine. You may be trying to think of fun things to do to keep your kids busy or interesting ways to occupy your own time. Whatever your reasons, I have a fun idea for those willing to try and are ready to shake things up a bit. I decided to create a fun little challenge to motivate myself into refocusing on some things that I've been wanting to accomplish. This challenge involves a favorite pastime of mine called Pinterest.

What is Pinterest? If you haven't heard of Pinterest, you will get fully acquainted here.  I am definitely a big fan. It's a great place to organize your interests online into categories that you can easily reference back to when you need a little inspiration. Perfect. A definite summertime boredom buster.
On Top of the World by Imagine Dragons on Grooveshark
If you already are a Pinterest addict like myself, this is the challenge you've been waiting for. The thing with Pinterest is it's the perfect place to dream up ways to design your house, recipes you want to try, inspire you to eat better, work out, travel, create something, the list goes on and on. The possibilities are endless. However, "pinning" is simply dreaming using technology and these dreams don't become a reality until you make them a real part of your life. Thus the name of this challenge, "10 Days to Living Your Dreams." Catchy, huh?

So how many pins do you have total? Have you checked lately? Take a look at the main page of your pin board and the top left-hand side and it will tell you your total pin number. Or if you're looking on your mobile app, that number should be right in the middle.

My main board: Follow me if you'd like!

I had not checked the number in over a year and just the other day I noticed it. I was shocked to see over four THOUSAND pins. Wow! I don't know whether to be proud of all the good ideas I've found or embarrassed at how much time I've spent pinning things I haven't done. I can just see some of you nodding in agreement and it's time we take some action and put these pins into practice!

Now, this challenge will look different for everyone. That's the beauty in it. We all have different passions, goals, interests, and dreams. But we will be connected by the simple terms of the challenge.

10 days. 10 pins.
You have until the end of July to accomplish them.
(Yes, this means the challenge isn't ten days in a row. You just need to set aside a total of 10 days the rest of this month to complete them.)
This gives you time to gather ingredients for that recipe you've been wanting to try. To put together plans for the trip you want to take. To find that scarf on your style board you want to buy! To paint your nails that color with the glitter in the middle. Whatever it looks like for you!
July 10th is when you need to post your commitment (10 pins, 10 days, the 10th seemed fitting). I will be writing a post sharing my ten, you will just need to comment below listing your ten. It's as simple as that. We will be motivating each other to check off our ten throughout the month. Sharing our experiences. Getting inspired by each other. 
This can be as simple or complex as you'd like it to be. The difficulty of this challenge is solely up to you. You can categorize your ten by theme, for example, "Ten Healthy Pins to Accomplish." Or just your random favorites you've been wanting to do, but haven't made time for. One thing is for certain, you will definitely have fun with this challenge!
Got a question? Comment below! Your homework (hehe) is to scan your boards and find the pins you would like to do. Where was THIS assignment in school? 
Let's get started!


  1. Ok, I picked my includes a couple of exercise goals, food items to get and try, a couple of craft ideas and a few cleaning tips I've wanted to try. It was hard to narrow it down, but I wanted to be realistic about what I could actually accomplish! Thanks for the challenge, Brenda

  2. ok, so task one, I did an 8 minute arm buster tough to even type this my arms are sooo tired! I hope to get this in at least 9 more times before the end of July and then hopefully carry it into Aug. Brenda

  3. Brenda - perfect! I'm glad you're enjoying it so far!

  4. my pinterst things r some knit/crochet ideas and walking goals also want to try making this smoky sweet potatoe burger and pumpkin bread recipe and a organize tip for my bathroom . looking forward to trying these things. thanks for having this challenge :) cathy

  5. Glad you're in Steph! I'm excited to see which pins you end up doing! You always have such great ideas :)


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