Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Four Easy Money-Saving Tips for New Stay-at-Home Moms (or All Moms and Dads)

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Aaaahhh so you took the plunge into stay-at-home momville? Some mommas will find this transition easy and without financial hassles (oh to be you), but many of us will find that cutting down to one salary has stripped us into a life of penny-pinching nightmares.

Well it's time to wake up from those nightmares.

I definitely consider myself lucky to be able to be home with my kids. I know many moms would love to be a stay-at-home mom if the bills would still get paid (If you're one of those working mommas looking to become a stay-at-home mom, hang in there, I will be posting on how we were able to take the plunge soon!). This post will hopefully be of some help to all moms alike. We are in this together.

I remember shaking my head that that'll never be me when my mom told me I'd have to sacrifice my monthly Mani/Pedi's once I left my job to care for my kids. Or sipping my Starbucks lattes thinking someone who would have to be out of their mind thinking I'd ever give up my beloved weekly (sometimes daily) White Chocolate Mocha (guilty confession, I still splurge occasionally).

So if you need your budget belt loosened a little, for sanity's sake, take a look at these four easy tips to keep some cash in your pocket (for the lattes, Children's Place sales, pedicures, or savings accounts).

Lets get down to it:

1) You MUST become coupon savvy.

I know you saw it coming. If you haven't noticed, I have developed quite a knack for couponing, not by choice but necessity. Although, I do find it to be a lot more fun than most people think it would be. Once I get back to the career world I won't be giving it up. I can get you started with couponing on one of my previous posts: Couponing for Beginners: 6 Easy Steps

Get started also with a few printable coupons:
Get free printable coupons now from Coupons.com

*If you shop at Publix, I would recommend signing up for the "Publix Baby Club." If you've never heard of it, check out more information on their website at Publix.com. Every few months they send exclusive "Baby Club" Publix coupons for many baby/toddler items. My favorite coupons that they mail are the "$1.00 off dairy item", or "$1.00 off produce" and such. It's a free club that Publix provides to their shoppers - definitely take advantage of such a great program! I signed up again once I had my daughter and I get excited when these coupons come in the mail!

2) Get Acquainted with Ebay

Ebay is perfect for giving you some extra cash for things simply laying around your house. You'd be surprised what people will buy on there! Think your used..."whatevers"..won't sell? Type it into Ebay search to see what they're selling for, because $10 bucks for this or that adds up fast.

3) Garage Sales Are Awesome

For most things, buying new is recommended. But when it comes to budgets, it's tough to always be able to. Garage sales are obviously hit or miss. But when you find a good one, it can be pretty exciting. For example, just this Saturday, we stopped at a garage sale where they were selling all kinds of kids toys. Lightening McQueen cars, trucks, Tow-Mater, good-as-new books...all for a few dollars. I left with two bags full of toys for my kids and it felt like Christmas morning as I handed toys to my son in the car heading back to the house. THE BEST feeling. I will never forget his big smiles of excitement. In the past, I bought a big play kitchen (with dishes, pots and pans, and play food) all for $4, a Radio Flyer wagon for $40, and tons of Little People sets for a fraction of the original cost. The point here is toys are expensive. Toys at garage sales are definitely not. Clean them up a little and they're good as new. One day my kids will have a say and only want to buy toys new from the store. But until then, I will be squirreling away the extra cash to be able to do it someday.

4) Sign Up For Reward Cards

Please don't feel like a sucker. Reward cards (or loyalty cards) are great if you're a frequent shopper at, say, Starbucks. Did you know that if you buy a gift card from Starbucks and register it, you can earn "stars" for each swipe? These stars add up to give you free drinks, refills, special discounts and more. I have a punch card for Pretzel Time, a Gymboree card, Cookie punch card at Publix for the giveaway raffle, Panera Card...you name it. If I frequent there, I probably get an email for special savings or have a card. This kind of thing adds up. I love going to Panera and getting $2 bucks off my soup. Or claiming my free drink at Starbucks. It's the little things that make the load a little lighter on a stay-at-home momma. Or ANYONE for that matter!

I hope you found these short tips helpful. I really love hearing from you and enjoy hearing other useful money-saving ideas! If you have questions or requests for future posts feel free to comment below or contact me (contact form to the right). You can also subscribe to my blog (also, to the right..funny how that works).

Have a great week!

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