Monday, August 26, 2013

My Honest Favorites: Reviewing My Newest Additions

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My shipment has arrived!

I am trying out a few new of The Honest Company products that were out-of-stock for quite awhile (I figured they MUST be good then, right?). If you have never heard of Honest, you definitely should check them out. They are a fairly new company, started by Jessica Alba. Her products are non-toxic and safe to use. So here's my Honest review! I will keep it short, sweet, and to the point.

Here's what I ordered:

Laundry detergent
Dishwasher PODS
Suds Up - Dish with scrub brush
Organic cotton dish towels (2)
Conditioning Mist

Lets start with my favorite.

Conditioning Mist
Honest Conditioning Mist
This one's my favorite. It smells great and it works great. It leaves my hair feeling hydrated but not heavy. The first one I bought I used up and have been without this for a week waiting for the shipment to arrive. I'm SO glad to be back to using it again! I highly recommend this product!

Dishwasher PODS
Honest Dishwasher Pods
These PODS work better than other harsh chemical POD cleaners that I previously purchased. My glasses come out sparkling clean. I feel better about cleaning the kids sippy cups and other baby things with these chemical-free dish PODS. It's the little things that make me breathe a sigh of relief. I'm happy to have found these to work so well.

Laundry detergent
Honest Laundry Detergent
I heard from a friend of mine that the Laundry PODS work really well. I haven't tried those, but really love the old-school laundry detergent in a bottle. I use it on all the kids delicate bedding and clothing. I still haven't finished the first bottle I purchased, so it does last a long time. A little goes a long way, so be sure to go by the line inside the cup so you don't use too much. You won't need it. It cleans the kiddos clothing remarkably (especially with all the gunk they get into!).

Suds Up

This is an interesting contraption. I had never purchased anything like this before. Basically, you pour your dish soap in the ceramic dish and it has a spring and board that the bamboo brush sits on. You pump the board with the brush to "suds up" the bristles and voilla! You are ready to tackle those nasty dishes! I love the brush! I scrubbed my cutting board with it and I feel for the first time ever that board is actually clean! See you later sponge!

Organic Dish Towels

These are nice. Nothing fancy or amazing to discuss here. They compliment our décor, so they fit with our kitchen. I like how absorbent they are, but yet they dry very nicely.

So there you have it! Short and sweet reviews on my new Honest products. I love this company and what it represents in terms of ridding homes of all those unnecessary, harsh chemicals. They have a great thing going and I'm proud to say I'll be sticking with Honest Company for awhile. Remember, you can get a free trial kit (just pay shipping!) Click on the banner below for the details! You can get a free trial kit of both diapers AND the essentials kit!

Here's another review on other products I've tried for myself:

Some of My Honest Favorites

Honest Essentials are 100% Natural, Non-Toxic, and Affordable! Learn More

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