Monday, August 26, 2013

FREE Publix Haul $66 Worth in Products and was PAID $3!!!

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This deal was too good to pass up! I wanted to use up more of the Gillette coupons that I had, so I went back to Publix this morning and got twelve more cans of shave cream and another package of Bic Soleil Twilight razors. Publix paid me $1.97 for it all! Days like these remind me of how great it is to coupon. The shave cream is regular price so you most likely can get them free at most stores!

Remember we are nearing the end of the month - so PRINT THOSE COUPONS before they are replaced by new ones! See my "Printable Coupons" page above.

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Here's the breakdown for today's transaction and then the summary of my two transactions:

(12) Gillette Foam Shave Cream $1.95

(1) Bic Soleil Twilight Disposable razors $4.99 Sale price


(4) Gillette $6/3 manufacturer coupon 8-11 RP
(1) BIC $3/1 manufacturer coupon 8-11 SS
(1) $5/$30 Winn Dixie coupon

Order Total: $-3.61
Sales Tax: $1.64
Grand Total: $-1.97

Savings: $32.80

You can view yesterday's Gillette haul here: "Publix PAID ME $1.38"

Summary of savings:

(for 24 cans of Gillette shave cream and 2 packages of Bic Soleil razors)
Grand total: -$3.35 (Paid in cash)
Total Savings: $65.89


  1. W here did you get the winn dixie coupon

  2. The Winn Dixie coupons come from the "Enjoy the City" booklet. If you google search "Enjoy the City" it should come up. They usually do sales and promos, so wait until you see those (I never have bought the books at full price). You can also find the Winn Dixie coupons on Ebay! For me, Ebay has been the best deal if you're just looking for the Winn Dixie coupon instead of all the other coupons that are in the "Enjoy the City." Hope that helps!

    1. Starting September 1st there will be major changes in ebay coupon sales. Not sure if the Enjoy the City coupons such as you mention will be affected or not.


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