Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Under the Sea Birthday Party

Their is something so special about a first birthday party for your sweet baby (and NOT so baby anymore!). It makes you want to go beyond just getting cake and ice cream and calling it a day. I also appreciated all our friends and family being part of the celebration and making her feel so special. That's what mattered most to me.

Setting up and hanging out with the birthday girl

This birthday party was so much fun to put on! I think it brought out the little girl in me looking at all The Little Mermaid pictures I could find for inspiration. I found so many clever ideas through Pinterest pins under the search "mermaid party" and "under the sea theme." SO many ideas! I had to scale it down a bit to compliment our budget, but there are so many things you can do with this theme that are simple, but fun and won't break the bank.

Here are so of my personal party favorites:


Using a fishnet for "table cloth" with shells sprinkled about (I wanted to add fake pearl necklaces, too, but was unable to find them). It cost around 10 bucks (actually less, with a 40% off coupon) at Hobby Lobby.

Green streamers twisted and cut at different lengths to look like seaweed.

"Jellyfish" lanterns - my son's favorite. Made from paper lanterns from Hobby Lobby with streamers and ribbon glued to the inside. These turned out pretty cool.

I didn't get time to blow up pearl colored balloons. My intentions were to blow them up all different sizes and stick them to the wall to make them appear as "pearls" or bubbles.

Food: (just my favorites, not the full menu)

The Little Mermaid cake - absolutely adorable and worth every penny from the Publix Bakery.

"Clam cookies" - these were super easy to make. Vanilla wafers, pink frosting, and tiny marshmallows for the "pearls" AND they were delicious.

Nilla Waffers, Petal Pink frosting, baby marshmallows

"Seaweed Dip" - a spinach and artichoke dip

"Shark Bait" - perfect snack for kids, just goldfish in little cups

"Seaweed Skewers" - red and green grapes on wooden skewers

I am so bummed that I forgot to label all of the forks "Dingle Hoppers" but I'm sure I'm the only person who noticed. I will just have to plan another party like this when my little girl gets a bit older, but lets not wish away the time. Year one already went by way too fast.

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