Thursday, November 14, 2013

Publix Weekly Shopping Trip 11/14: $83 Worth in Groceries for $15!

Welcome (and welcome back!) to my weekly Publix shopping trip blog post! This post is where I put together some of the best weekly sales and match them with the best coupons and keep my OOP under $10 when possible. I have linked up the printable coupons in my list so you can recreate the same deals for you and your family!

$15 OOP

I was hoping to start stocking up on some Thanksgiving goodies, but this week I just grabbed a few of the best deals that we could use. I'm crossing my fingers for next week, since I'm sure we will all be in luck with finding sales for what we need to bring for our Thanksgiving gatherings. I also started combing through my pantry and pulling cans, jars, and boxed items that I will be donating for the holidays. In the past it had been a stretch to be able to put together a few extras for donations, but this year with a little more intense couponing and some planning ahead, I have put together a nice little donation that I am proud of. 

I'm definitely getting more into the holiday spirit with Turkey Day and Christmas fast approaching. I'm planning my gift lists and stocking stuffers and will be coming out with a fun stocking stuffer resource list of items that won't break the bank, but are still tons of fun. So check back soon for that posting. If you haven't already seen my article about "Having a Merry Christmas (and Not Going Broke)" - definitely check it out. It's a great reminder on how to enjoy the holidays without going overboard…which we all know is WAY too easy to do. 

So how did you do this week? What great deals did you find? I'd love for you to share your favorite deals, so please let us know in a comment below or link up your weekly savings. I love our community of savvy shoppers and we definitely all help each other out. I appreciate those who drop me a line and give me a heads up about the great deals that they find. It helps everyone when we stick together. Joining our Facebook page community is even another way to stay connected. 

Okay..without any further meaningful ramblings...

Here's the breakdown of 11/14/13 Publix shopping trip:


(4) Ronzoni pasta $1.31 - BOGO used (2) .75/1 manufacturer printable and (1) $1/2 manufacturer printable = .03 each!

(4) Back to Nature granola $4.19 - BOGO used (2) $1/1 manufacturer printable = $1.10 each

(1) Mentos breathmints $1.00 - used (1) .75/1 target printable = .25

(1) Coffee Mate Pumpkin Spice Creamer $1.67 - $1/1 manufacturer printable = .67

(1) Silk Almond Milk $3.35 - used (1) $1/1 manufacturer printable and .75/1 Silk Publix coupon (from Green flyer) = $1.60

(2) CoverGirl eyeshadow $2.99 - used (1) $4/2 manufacturer coupon from P&G November and (2) $2/1 CoverGirl product Publix coupon (from Stocking Spree coupon booklet) = FREE, plus moneymaker

(2) Sundown vitamins D ($3.29) & B-6 ($3.59) - used (2) $1/1 manufacturer coupon from 11-3-13 RP and (1) $5/2 Sundown Publix coupon (from Health & Beauty flyer) = FREE, plus moneymaker

Also used $5/$30 Winn Dixie coupon

Order Total: $6.88

Sales Tax: .49

Grand Total: $7.37

Savings: $35.08

2nd Transaction:

(2) Purex Detergent $4.99 - used (2) $1/1 manufacturer printable and (1) $3/2 Purex Target printable PLUS $1.00 laundry detergent (any) cash back Ibotta offer = $2.49 each PLUS $1.00 ibotta cash back making them $1.99 each!!

(2) Sundown vitamins B-6 ($3.59) - used (2) $1/1 manufacturer coupon from 11-3-13 RP and (1) $5/2 Sundown Publix coupon (from Health & Beauty flyer) = FREE, plus moneymaker

(1) Crunchmaster Crackers $2.50 each - used (1) $1/1 manufacturer printable = $1.50

(1) Oreo cookies $3.50 - used (1) $1/1 manufacturer coupon (from Make Their School Day Great booklet) = $2.50

(1) Triscuits $2.50 - used $1/1 manufacturer coupon (tear pad) = $1.50

(2) Capri Sun $3.99 - BOGO used (2) $1/1 manufacturer printable = $1.00 each

Also used $5/$30 Winn Dixie coupon

Order Total: $7.65

Sales Tax: .70

Grand Total: $8.35

Savings: $31.97

Total for both transactions:

Grand Total: $15.72 - $1.00 ibotta cash back offer = $14.72 OOP

Savings Total: $67.05

$82.77 Worth in Groceries for $14.72!! 


  1. I love your website so much, I favorited it.

    I live in Florida too... Where did you get the Winn Dixie coupons?
    Did you pay for them?

  2. Thank you! I'm glad you find it useful!! The Winn Dixie coupons I've received from the Enjoy the City books, but I also ordered them a few months back from eBay and got a much better deal! Have a great weekend!

  3. Great job! Just wanted to let you know that I've added your site to my shopping linkups list! Thanks for the linkup!

  4. how were u able to print the Back to Nature coupon? I have tried and tried different browsers and nothing

  5. Roxy, I am sorry you are having trouble with the coupon. I didn't have any issues printing it, in fact, I printed two more copies from my mother-in-laws computer just the other day. That happens to me sometimes, too. Particularly with Smart Source coupon prints. It juste loads and loads and I get nothing. Sometimes it's because I need to do an update with the software. If I hear anything about what's going on with it I will let you know.


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